Research Institute

Fostering innovations with the potential for clinical application.

From its initial conception in 2004, the Houston Methodist Research Institute was designed to be unlike any other medical research institute. After seven years of operation, the 440,000-square-foot research building has proven itself to be the key in bringing together the scientists, the infrastructure and the collaborative environment needed to push medical discoveries to the patients who desperately seek better treatments for the most devastating diseases.

Within the 150 laboratories in the Research Institute, significant studies are underway seeking cures across the spectrum of disease. More than 1,600 researchers study how to use new platforms and work on a variety of programs.

Philanthropy plays an integral role in sustaining and building upon the state-of-the-art infrastructure and unparalleled brain power at work in the Research Institute. Commitments to the Research Institute are investments in the people and the institution best positioned to lead medical science toward the next generation of cures and treatments. Philanthropic opportunities include the following:

  • Translational Research Initiatives (TRI1, TRI2 and TRI3)
  • Endowed chairs and fellowships for recruiting and retaining the best and brightest physicians and scientists
  • Endowed research funds to support projects headed to clinical trial, device manufacturing, specialty equipment and other research support programs


Read more about our friends and benefactors whose leadership and generosity have helped to build our legacy and take this next step forward.


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